How to Manually Update an Operating System in Android Phone


Update an Android Operating System:- Updating an Operating System is always a struggle for Android Users. Sometimes companies do not release the latest version of the software and sometimes manual knowledge of updating software is much more complicated for the users to understand. Either way, a struggle to understand new technology is necessary for a user to install a new operating system on the Android Phone. As we already know we can’t rely on the companies to release an update for us on OTA because it might take years for them to release a software update for your phone if a phone model is old. In this article, we will try to guide the easy and best possible way to manually update your operating system. We will also include how to check for latest update on OTA if it’s available on your mobile phone.


Manually Update Your Android Operating System

Currently, there are two ways to update your operating system the first one is OTA (Over the Air) which is released by the company developers over the period of time and the second one is a manual update in which you have to root your phone and install a custom ROM. Before proceeding to use one of our methods we strongly suggest that you should gain minimum knowledge on rooting, Operating System and custom ROM.

Over the Air Update (OTA)

The most secure and easy way to update your phone is when the company releases it for you. YES over the air update are used by most of the users to update software definition or the operating system in their phone. If you are connected to a Wifi connection or on a normal data pack a notification will be pop-up which tells you to update your phone with the latest definition that is over the air update. Those updates are not easy to install some of them might be over a GB and if it’s an operating system then it might be far heavier in size so it is recommended for users to connect to a higher bandwidth of internet before installing those update. Once you connect to a higher bandwidth connection then follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Open your application drawer and then go to Settings Page.
  2. On Settings page scroll down to bottom and tap on About or Software Updates.
  3. In the About and Software Updates option tap on button Download Updates Manually. Once you press the button it will automatically check for the latest software on the web and install it on your android phone.
  4. If the Download Update button is not visible then you will be seen a message saying “The latest updates have already been installed”.
  5. Once the installation of software begins you cannot use any function in your phone until updates are finished. Make sure your phone is charged at least 50% to finish the installation process.

Using a ROM to update the Operating System

The second part to update your android phone is bit complex and if you haven’t heard the term rooting and custom ROM before things might get complicated for your phone and you shall end up losing your operating system so my suggestion to every user is that learn more about rooting first and then custom recovery before installing ROM. If you have gained the minimum knowledge on rooting and custom ROM then follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. First of root your mobile phone. You can search your mobile phone by typing your phone model in the search bar to get reference about how to root your phone.
  2. Once your phone is rooted then take a backup of your phone data before installing ROM. To Take backup just install a custom recovery software such as TWRP.
  3. Once you take a back copy of your entire operating system then check for the ROM for your mobile model. Once you found the ROM on forum website such as XDA Developers then copy the file in your internal storage system and reboot your phone in TWRP.
  4. In TWRP mode head on to install and locate the ROM file and install it. If you are worried about the ROM is genuine or not, or your installation stuck any point you can recover your old operating system by pressing the restore function on TWRP Dashboard.

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