How to Manually Install APK on Amazon Kindle Fire


Install APK on Amazon Kindle Fire:- Did your amazon kindle does not load play store app properly? Do you want to install third party app on your device one that is currently not available on play store then this article is specifically made for you but before we get to the point let’s learn more about the device.

There are plenty of company offering e-reader online but amazon kindle is considered as one of the best e-book reader in many countries because of various features and trust of amazon company. With e-reader you can download many print ready e-book at free of cost and surprisingly most of the book available on kindle store can be download at discounted rates and cheap price. The device comes with Android OS which means you can install plenty of apps from play store including web browsers.


We already know that almost every apps available on your smartphone are either downloaded from play store or few apps are added by the manufacturer at the time of manufacturing your smartphone but there are plenty of website on internet that are offering 3rd party app which is quite handy and unique for your kindle but they are tough to install because of the security reason added by the developers so that malicious apps or program which were not authorized by trusted source such as play store cannot be install on your system but we can manually override those settings to install the APK files on your kindle.

Note: Make sure the 3rd app you are trying to download on your kindle phone is safe to be download or not which means you should be sure about the authenticity of source because various app from 3rd party source are either un-trusted or harmful for your phone.

Install APK on Amazon Kindle Fire

  • First off if you have seen any kind of message during installation of third party app on your kindle phone which should be “Installation Blocked” in every case then head to and activate Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • On third and fourth generation follow the command Settings > Applications > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. For 1st and 2nd gen follow Settings > More > Device > Allow Installation of Apps > On.
  • Now try to install the app in which you have first encountered the message “Installation Blocked”.

Well I hope this party information will on your smartphone if you problem is not solved or if you have face any problem similar to that don’t be hesitate to leave a comment i will reply to it ASAP.

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