How To Install Third-Party APK on Tencent Gaming Buddy


Tencent Gaming Buddy is an android emulator that is specifically designed to run popular android game PUBG Mobile on computer. Later on, the software was upgraded and various other Tencent Games can be played on it. Currently, the software is developed to a full-fledged emulator in which you can run almost any Android APK whether you download it from play store or from other third-party sources.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

PUBG Mobile is an online battle royale games in which was released in 2018. Within a few weeks of timespan, the game hit to its 1 million active users and currently the database increased to over 100 million installations. Currently, there are two versions of the PUBG game is available the first one is for the desktop which you can download from steam and the second one is for the mobile version that can be download from play store or other third-party sources. PUBG players like mobile version way better than the PC version so they have looked for a way to play the mobile version on a computer. Shortly they found a way to play the game using emulator application like bluestack and noxplayer.

After analyzing users data Tencent found out that many users are using an android emulator to compete against mobile users and that’s kind of cheating too so they separate mobile and pc users by launching their own emulator which was named Tencent Gaming Buddy. When we installed Tencent Gaming Buddy on our computer we found out that the software is lightweight in size and require less storage, processor, and ram to run the game perfectly on computer. To run PUBG Mobile smoothly on a computer you need at least 4 GB of ram and i3 Processor. Later the developers launched an update and many features have been added to it such as other Tencent Games. Due to lightweight and low resource usage many users like this new software better than other emulators.

Currently, you are allowed to run only Tencent Games on this emulator but you cannot run other application as such kind of features are not available on this computer. Many users have tried their luck to install a third-party application on Tencent Gaming Buddy and they successfully found a way to install APK on the software and posted this method on several social media and forum websites. You can run most of the play store and third-party application on the software but by being lightweight and limitation on resources you couldn’t install some of them. If you want to install a third-party APK on your computer using Tencent Gaming Buddy then follow the step by step guide mentioned below:-


Install Third-Party APK on Tencent Gaming Buddy

  • Browse the following URL “” and download the software on your computer.
  • Once installed browse the directory folder “C:\Program Files\txgameassistant\ui”.
  • Now double click the executable file “AndroidEmulator.exe”.
  • On the dashboard screen, press the F9 button to load all application.
  • Now click on the Browser icon and search for any file explorer application such as ES File Explorer and install it on your TGB.
  • Once installed copy the downloaded APK files on your computer to Tencent Gaming Buddy via ES file explorer.

How To Copy APK, OBB and XAPK file on TGB

  • Download Android Application on Your Computer from third-party sources.
  • Copy the downloaded APK, XAPK or OBB file and paste it on this directory “Temp > TxGameDownload > MobileGamePCShared”.
  • Now go to TGB folder and open ” AndroidEmulator.exe” file again.
  • Open ES File Explorer and go to Device -> Data -> Share1.
  • You will see all the copied file there. You can now install those applications on your software.

For more information on installing third-party APK on Tencent Gaming Buddy then stay updated on this page.

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