How to Install Magisk Systemless and Root Android Phone

Magisk Systemless

Passing down from generation to generation currently android has launched the 9th version of operating system known as “PIE” which is started to receive in the latest model of Nokia Phone. With the PIE version new features and security has been updated which challenges developers who are constantly developing MODS, ROM and ways to root phones. Previous version of phones are rooted easily because the security on those phone are not tighten but since the privacy of users are considered as the top-most priority of each and every organization this step should be expected in the PIE version. The new security update on android operating system ensure the privacy and data protection of users and make sure that attempting to hack or update the OS will surely result in failure. Yet again with PIE version it seems the rooting of phone and tweaking its settings will be a new challenge foe developers.

I have remembered the good old days where rooting a phone were piece of cake. Just install a software or application on computer or android phone and pressing root button that’s all it takes to root a phone but after the lollipop version rooting seems to be getting tougher and tougher. Many branded software left the project after the release of marshmallow operating system and since then very few software are updated constantly and adapting to new OS. To root a phone after marshmallow update users need to partition there system. Chainfire a popular brand in rooting phone are constantly developing their application SUPERSU and they succeed on rooting many android devices but still more ways are need to root a cell phone.

Magisk Systemless

Since 2017 a new tool taking control over the world of rooting its name is MAGISK. As you probably familiar with the term magisk they have did a fantastic job not just only rooting an android phone but also manage to perform it systemless-ly which means not a single system file was modified while performing the root process. The concept is also good for your smartphone because if your system files are not tempered you can take your phone to customer care without any worries but some customer care agent annoyed with rooting apps so make sure you uninstall the application. Magisk has created an excellent opportunity for ROM and MOD developers to take android development to a new stage because now developers can tweak the users android system without any worries about clashing the codes with other apps which why less error or bugs occurred in your system.

Magisk application uses the magisk.img file in which any custom file or application can be stored allowing them the rights to root and tweaks your phone. With this type of tool user can check various customs ROM in his phone without removing the previous ROM. Magisk has the option to hide rooting from the app of your choice which means you can use various payment application like Paypal and Android Pay while enjoying the service of root. If you are mesmerized with the application features then follow the step by step procedure to install the app on your phone:-

Steps Required To Be Followed Before Installing Magisk

  • Your phone needs to be unroot before installing magisk software.
  • Your phone should be in the state of unlocked boot-loader.
  • Your phone shouldn’t been tweaked before with any framework application such as Xposed.
  • If you have doubt on any above three instructions you should install a stock rom before moving on to installing Magisk.

Install Magisk Systemless on Android Phone

  1. Download the latest version of Magisk From Github and copy the zip file on your internal storage.
  2. Now boot your phone into TWRP mode. If you haven’t installed the TWRP then follow this guide.
  3. Once you are in TWRP Mode then tap on button INSTALL -> INSTALL ZIP.
  4. Now locate the zip file on your internal storage and Swipe to confirm installation.
  5. Once Magisk is installed the go to main menu and tap on Reboot -> Reboot System.
  6. Once your phone is reboot you can see the magisk systemless interface in the list of applications.
  7. The last step on the list is to install  Magisk Manager on your phone.

Systemless Root with Magisk on Phh’s superuser

  1. First download the file Phh’s from trusted source. on your phone.
  2. Boot into TWRP mode and install the phh’s supersu file just like you installed Magisk.
  3. Go to main menu and reboot your phone and then install phh’s supersu application on your phone.

Now you root any application in your android phone systemless-ly. If you found any trouble following the process fell free to contact me via comment message.

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