How to Install Additional Fonts on Samsung Phone


Install Fonts on Samsung Phone:- Are you bored of using the default font on your Samsung phone? Do you want to install additional fonts on your phone? then follow the step by step guide mentioned below to install additional fonts in your phone.

Most of the users didn’t change the font throughout the years of purchasing the phone because it is pleasant and comfortable to read and most of news portal and website uses the same font so this default font became a habit of every person. But there are various users who want to change the fonts and theme to improve the overall experience of using the android phone. If you are one of those people who want to change their fonts then you came to the right place. One of the best things about the Android Operating System is that it is an open-source software which means you can change the entire structure of the operating system including fonts. The second thing everybody like about the Android Operating System is the community support and constant work of developers to make a new application. Now, various customize application is available in play store or third-party website so the users do not need to be a full techie in order to use install custom codes, themes or fonts on his phone.


How to Change and Install Fonts on Samsung Phones

On stock ROM you could not find the feature to change the font style but Samsung and various other mainstream companies have implemented this feature by customizing the settings on Android OS after getting so many requests from users. Now you could easily change the fonts if you have it installed on your phone. Samsung phone comes with various inbuilt fonts and you could easily change the font by going to SETTINGS -> DISPLAY -> FONT STYLE.

In case if you want to install additional fonts in your Samsung phone you could install an application from play store known as iFont (Expert of Fonts). Follow the below guide to install fonts on your phone.

  1. Once you installed iFont (Expert of Fonts) application open it.
  2. Now browse through recomm fonts tab or go find any specific fonts.
  3. Once you found the font of your choice click on it and tap on the Download button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once download the font a new button will appear in bottom named SET. Tap on the button and the font will be set as default.

In case if you are using another phone then you need to root it first lucky for you we are providing root guide. Just type your phone name in the search field and open the reference page regarding your phone to know how you can root your phone.

For more information regarding fonts on android phone stay updated to this page.




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