How to Increase Internet Speed through Google DNS


Increase Internet Speed through Google DNS:- You may have found a lot of tips and information regarding increasing your internet speed and many online professional even trying to sell software which might have increase the overall speed of the internet by changing your settings but in reality it only increase speed by fraction which is not so much as compared of the internet speed we need to browse multimedia website or playing HD videos. The old technique to increase the speed of internet is fail attempt which many users have tried but in the end they have to paid price to internet service provider to get the job done. If you want to try a whole new way to increase to boost up the speed of internet then you should try to change your default DNS settings to Google DNS which is a free way to access good speed to browse internet.increase-internet-speed-using-google-DNS

What is DNS and how does it boost our Internet Speed

DNS (Domain Name System) is an internet service that recognizes the named type on the browser and converts it into IP address to obtain and show information in your visible browser. As we all know humans access information through typing and remembering alphabets but machine recognized and organized information based on numbers such as 0 and 1. DNS obtain the typed data and convert it into machine language and obtain information from the internet or from the servers where the information related to the IP address is stored. The concept of increasing internet speed through DNS is not new the technique is currently used by various developers but it due to the trick is not shared among popular communities it still need an exposure to gain users trust. If the speed of your internet is slow that does not means it’s entirely your ISP fault the speed may have plummeted because of your DNS because web pages are becoming more complicated by in-calculating number of things which is why users access multiple DNS to render a single page which result in boosting of internet speed.

How does Google DNS Help to Increase Internet Speed

If you experience the slow internet speed as compare to the data plan you have purchase than it should be natural because most of the ISP using cheap servers which are slow in term of Google server as well as they have located in farthest place from your location which in turn provide slow speed as you may experience now but it’s all in the past now you can change DNS settings to Google and access the best and nearest servers which ultimately boost your internet speed.

How to Change Default to Google DNS

  1. First just go to Control Panel and open Network and Sharing.
  2. On the left side of page click on link Change Adapter Settings.
  3. In this page you will see list of internet connection such as WIFI and default internet connection now choose the connection whose internet speed you have to increase.
  4. Right click on the network icon and then click on option Properties.
  5. In properties windows click on tab Networking.
  6. Now under section “This network uses the following items” you will see bunch of tick mark option scroll down and select “Internet Service Provider Version 4(TCP/IPV4)”.
  7. Once selected properties tap on the properties button given exact bottom and right side of the section.
  8. Now select the option “Use the following DNS server addresses” and then remove any information in it and then apply the settings.
  9. Reboot your computer and then again go to the option DNS Server Address but this time the Google DNS address and check your internet speed.

I know sometime information can get quite confusing so if you doubt regarding or following the method feel free to share your thoughts via comment section.

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