How to Hide Text Message on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Hide Text Message on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:- Privacy is one of the biggest concern for users nowadays because many online website and hackers wants your data in order to improve their business strategies. Many online companies are now focusing towards the secrecy of users data on their website and sooner or later users does not need to concern about this matter anymore but what about family members of friends. As we all know many friends or family members have habit of checking users phone while they have the chance and guess what comes first in mind “TEXT MESSAGES”.

You can hide files in deep folders but you cannot move text messages from inbox menu unless you are well aware of the operating system file structure or you delete the message but those messages are important to us so we figured out an another way to safeguard your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus text message which is by hide them from user till we don’t need it. In android OS there is no such feature but you can install apps from play store which have the exact feature we are looking for now. Just keep on reading the post below to find out the application required to hide your text messages:-

Hide Text Message on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

#1 Vault-Hide

As the name implies itself the application will hide almost everything in Galaxy S8 Plus in the vault section. In terms of hiding this is app is by far the best i have installed on my phone. With this app you can easily hide your Messages, Photos, Videos, Social Media apps, Gallery and much more.

Just go to play store type the app name and install it on your Galaxy S8 Plus phone. Once installed you just need to set a password and then hide the app of your choice. The application comes with inbuilt feature of cloud storage which means you can upload your data on cloud and download it on your phone with just one push of button.

#2 Applock

Applock is one of the most installed applications to lock almost everything related to your android phone. The app works on almost every android mobile phone and secures your phone application from unauthorized access. With this application you can lock facebook, snapchat, whatsapp, gallery including inbuilt apps such as SMS, Contact, Settings and any other application with pattern or fingerprint based lock.

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