How To Hide Apps on Android Phone – Solved


Hide Apps on Android Phone:– Recently we have discussed how to hide your WhatsApp videos and pictures on the android phone and today we will tell you how you can hide an application from menu bar with the use of root function.

Hiding an application on your android phone is essential for two main reasons the first one is when an application is bothering you by reserving space such as preloaded apps which cannot be deleted unless root and the second one is the family member or friend poking your phone for their entertainment which is quite irritating. Every person wants to live in their space hence they want to protect their privacy at all cost which is why most of the users are searching for a way to hide certain apps from their phone.

In the past android users have only one way to modify their operating system which is by root. Currently, OS is updated to a level in which rooting is not required there were many third party application available that do their job on upgrading OS function include hiding an application. Not just that there are plenty of customizing apps available on the trusted source to be download on your phone that are fit for the job of hiding application on your phone. Let’s take a look at the step by step instruction on how to hide application on your android phone:-


Hide apps on Android Phone

Currently, there are two major applications which are trusted and used by worldwide users to hide apps and those apps are Stock Launcher and Apex Launcher.after using stock apps for a couple of days we came to a conclusion that the application covers only limited numbers of application but apex launcher hide every application that wee installed in our phone. So let’s focus our attention on this app and hide the application by following step by step instructions:-

  1. First Download the Apex Launcher application from Play Store.
  2. Once Installed open the application and tap on option Settings.
  3. In Settings Page look and tap on option Drawer Settings and then tap on option Hidden Apps.
  4. In Hidden Apps Option you will see a list of applications, check the application you want to hide and then tap on option SAVE.

For more information about hiding an application on your android phone stay updated to this website.

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