How To Hide and Disable Notch on any Android Phone


Hide Notch on Android Phone:- The era of the mobile phone is making its way to the next step in term of hardware, operating system and design. If you have purchased a new smartphone within these two years of timespan you should have noticed that the bezels of the smartphone are getting smaller and the screen of the phone is getting bigger. Almost every big or small brand nowadays is using a display screen of 18:9 ratio and recently a new style of display notch has been introduced in the market by Apple company which is V-shaped on its latest model iPhone X. At first notch on iPhone X faces a lot of criticism from users regarding the V-shaped notch but sooner the idea is widely accepted by worldwide users. In the future version of Android Smartphone, we might have seen a lot of cut shaped notch on android phone but it seems many users are not pleased with the notch as it might create disturbance in the work or application run on the phone. If you owned an android phone with notch I am going to show you how you can disable the notch in your phone:-


How Disabling Notch Worked

Notch on the android phone will be disabled by decreasing the screen ratio to 18:9. Luckily Android phone provides an inbuilt function to enable or disable notch in their phone but the settings on each brand might differ from each other. after the notch setting is disabled from your phone you can work on or playing games on phone without any display disturbance.

List of Phone that has Inbuilt Settings to Disable Notch

Xiaomi Phones

  1. Poco F1
  2. Redmi Note 6 Pro
  3. Redmi 6 Pro
  4. Redmi Note 6 Pro
  5. Redmi 6 Pro
  6. Mi Play
  7. Mi 8 Lite
  8. Mi 8
  9. Mi 8 Pro
  10. Mi 8 Explorer

Huawei Phones

  1. Mate 20 Pro
  2. Nova 3i
  3. P20 Lite
  4. Nova 3
  5. Enjoy 9
  6. Y9 2019
  7. Mate 20
  8. Honor 8X
  9. Mate 20 X
  10. Honor Play


  1. 2 Pro
  2. U1
  3. C1
  4. 2


  1. V9
  2. Y95
  3. Y81
  4. Y81i
  5. V9 Youth
  6. X23
  7. X21s


  1. F9 Pro
  2. A3s
  3. F9
  4. A7
  5. R17 Pro
  6. A5
  7. F7
  8. K1
  9. R17 Neo


  1. G7 ThinQ
  2. G7 Plus ThinQ
  3. V40 ThinQ
  4. G7 One
  5. G7 Plus Fit


  1. Zenfone Max Pro M2
  2. Zenfone 5Z
  3. Zenfone 5 ZE620KL


  1. P30 Note
  2. P30
  3. One Power
  4. P30 Play

Disable or Enable Notch on Android Phone

Disable Notch in Vivo Phone

  1. Open Application Drawer and Go to Settings Page.
  2. On Settings Page scroll down and tap on the option Display and Brightness.
  3. Now tap on “Third Party App Display Ratio”.
  4. Now choose the application from the list on which you want to disable notch from and then tap on the button “Safe Area Display” to completely hide notch from that application.

Disable Notch in Asus Phone

  1. Open Application Drawer and Go to Settings Page.
  2. In settings page tap on Display.
  3. On Display Options, Scroll down to option Hide Notch.

Disable Notch in LG Phone

  1. Open Application Drawer and Go to Settings Page.
  2. In settings page tap on Display.
  3. Now scroll and locate option “New Second Screen”.
  4. On Notch Option, Select the custom color for the notch area to be replaced with it and enjoy the notch free area.

Disable Notch in Realme

  1. Open Application Drawer and Go to Settings Page.
  2. In settings page tap on Display and Brightness.
  3. Now scroll down and tap on the option “Add Display in Full Screen”.
  4. Now select the application from which you want to remove notch from

Universal Method to Hide Notch from Android Phone

If your phone is not listed in the above section then you cannot remove the notch from your phone through inbuilt method but there is an application available on play store that can disable notch on your android phone. This method is universal it works on each and every phone:-

  1. Go to Play Store and Download the application Nachos Notch.
  2. Once Installed Pull Down Your Notification Bar and Tap on More Button.
  3. On More Button, You can view the Hide Notch Option. Drag the Hide Notch option to the main notification screen and add it anywhere.
  4. Tap on button Hide Notch button to temporarily disable notch from your phone.

For more information on Hiding Notch on Android Phone stay updated to this website.

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