How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android Phone


Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android:- Wi-Fi Authentication is a common that every android users must have face in his lifetime. Even you have enter the correct password and cross check the network multiple times before log-in but the error will still persist on phone. I have encountered this error so many times in past whenever I am log-in to a new network. When this type of problem occur in phone you cannot be sure that this problem is caused by your router or your phone because sometime router settings has been defined to set not more than few device which may have cause the error to be occurred. What’s my meaning behind saying all this is it’s not the fault of your device always you should have check the router too. So without further due let’s take a look on how to resolve Wi-Fi Authentication problems.


Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android Phone

Before knowing the solution to the problem you should have known first what WiFi Authentication Problem really is and why it’s occurred in android phone. The problem occurred when your phone is trying to obtain the IP address from router but since the problem it could not obtain the IP address and show you the error prompt message Authentication Failed. There are many recommendations to the problem but few of them which works on most of the phone are been given below:-

#1 Restart Your Device and Router

Restarting your device and router might fix the problem you are facing. A restarting of router is all we need but since the problem could persist in any device we will restart both of the devices. Switch off your router and wait for at least 10 seconds to restart it.

#2 Reset Your Wifi Connection

The second solution is our arsenal is to reset wifi connection which is tested to be worked on various smartphone and it did fix authentication problem in most of android phone. Just follow the instruction given below:-

  1. Go to Settings and Tap on Connections -> WIFI.
  2. Now tap on network you are currently connection and then on pop-up box tap on link FORGET.
  3. Now wait for few seconds for the same network to appear again and then reconnect to the network using your router password.

#3 Verify your Connection Name

It is advised to check the network name before accessing your router connection. Sometime two router name should be same so make sure you are connecting to your router not to other person router using your password because this might also cause the authentication problem.

Let me know if you are facing any kind of other WIFI problem in your phone by writing in comment section.

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