How To Fix Whatsapp Error: Not a Valid Mobile Number


Not a Valid Mobile Number:- Whatsapp is the most downloaded and used social media application in the world. Despite being an popular application whatsapp had registered share numbers of complaints in community and web forums. One of the complaint that i am going to talk about is “Not a Valid Mobile Number” which shocked a lot of Whatsapp Users. Suprisingly i am encountered with the same situation once when i have purchased a new sim card.

Most of the time this particular error arise from installing a new sim card. What happen really is when you migrate your sim card to a new network or purchase a new sim card the activation of the card took around at least 4 – 24 hours of time span. Due to the public holiday the activation time may took upto 48 hours. If you have purchased a new sim then wait for the card activation and reboot your phone. Once rebooted try to register yourself on the whatsapp.

One more thing make sure you haven’t registering yourself on Whatsapp using any VoIP numbers. I have seen many tutorial on the internet that says you can registered yourself with these anonymous numbers but in reality these number may work for sometime but when Whatsapp detected these numbers you will see the aforementioned error message.

In case if you’re not fall in any of the above categories then i am recommended you to contact the Whatsapp Customer Support. The step by step details to contact Whatsapp Support is given below:-

Contact Whatsapp Support to Fix Not a Valid Mobile Number

  • Open your email account and compose a new mail.
  • Type the email address
  • In Subject Section Type “Whatsapp Error: Not a Valid Mobile Number”.
  • In the message box type your mobile number in international format and then state the issue you are facing.
  • Send the email and wait for at least 48 hours for any type of response.

For more detail on Whatsapp Error: Not a Valid Mobile Number stay updated with the website.

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