How To Fix Whatsapp Error Code C101a006


When a user is trying to update WhatsApp or any other applications from the Windows Store error code C101a006 has appeared. The error is quite problematic and this error gives a headache to the developers because none of the workaround provided by Web Gurus or Microsoft Support Center failed to fix this error. The origin of the C101a006 error is internet-based so it is still believed that a workaround will fix the error and in few cases it does work but mostly these workarounds failed to fix this error.

You are free to try the workarounds but the error C101a006 is a server-based error that only appears when a new update is implemented on the server. Fixing these types of errors is quite simple just wait for few hours till the update process is completed and then restart your phone. In case if you have restarted your phone after few hours and the problem is still not fixed then try the workarounds given below:-

1) Update Your Phone

Just go to your Phone Settings -> System -> Update Phone. Fixing the outdated software might fix the error.

2) Deleting Cache and Temporary Files

Deleting temporary files stored in your phone may fix the error C101a006. Just go to your phone Settings -> Phone Storage -> Temporary Files -> Delete. After deleting temporary files restart your phone and try to update the app again.

3) Reset Your Phone

The last trick to fix this pesky error is by restoring yours to the factory default. To do switch off your phone and press and hold the Power or Volume Down + Power buttons for 10 seconds. Alternatively you can go to Settings -> System -> About -> Reset your Phone.

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