How To Fix WhatsApp Error 805a8011 – Solved


WhatsApp Error 805a8011:- The following error message appears when a user is trying to update the WhatsApp application from window store. Error Code 805a8011 is one of the common error that temporarily disable your access to the windows store, causing problems in your phone internet connection and worst-case scenario your phone gets restart upon accessing several installed applications.

The error can be fixed by applying simple workarounds posted by developers and geeks. Since we don’t know what type of problem has caused this error we will apply each workaround one by one. A list of problems that could cause these errors is insufficient disk space, cache and data problems, inaccurate date and time, and internet connectivity issue.

Before applying any workaround given below make sure you will restart your phone and scan your phone with an antivirus. If malware or other infected files were found in your phone make sure to remove it and then restart your phone to see the error is fixed or not.

Fix WhatsApp Error 805a8011

There are multiple workarounds to fix the error so follow each workaround one by one until your problem is fixed.

Solution #1 Adjusting Date and Time

  • Go to your phone SETTINGS and tap on the option DATE AND TIME.
  • Adjust the date and time to your regional time zone and then try to update WhatsApp or run Windows Store.

Solution #2 Insufficient Disk Space

Most of the time a user couldn’t update his phone due to low disk space so make sure you will check your storage and free your disk space to at least 15%. If you couldn’t delete your important files then you can move them to SD Card. Once the space is free then try to run the Whatsapp application again.

Solution #3 Sync Your Account

  • Go to Settings and tap on Email + Account.
  • Tap and Hold on Microsoft Account -> Sync.

Solution #4 Readd Your Account Again

  • Go to Settings and tap on Email + Account.
  • Tap on Add Email and enter your secondary account details.
  • Remove your primary account and then re-add it again.
  • Remove your secondary account and then restart your phone. See if the problem is fixed or not.

Solution #5 Clear Store Cache and Data

  • Scroll down and tap on the option STORE -> ADVANCED OPTIONS -> RESET.
  • Once the store cache is cleared update your WhatsApp app again.

Solution #6 Reset your Phone Data

  • Go to SETTINGS and tap on Restore your Phone.
  • A warning message will appear, tap on the YES option to reset your entire phone data.
  • Once reset rerun the application again. This method will surely fix 805a8011 issue.

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