How to Fix Various WhatsApp Video Call – Solved


Fix WhatsApp Video Call:- Whatsapp amaze its users in November 2016 by launching video calling feature which every user expected to be released after the voice calling feature. Since the release of video calling feature every users opt-in to video calling as well as group video calling. Many users recorded their first experience while using the whatsapp video calling and share their story on youtube as well as community forums. Shortly the video calling on whatsapp became far more popular than other social media portal using the same feature due to encrypted video calling facility and optimum support for video. With encrypted video calling the protection of users data are far more secured then it is usually be because firstly encrypted video calling secured your identity on the internet if your ISP service provider record your data and this service also protect users for malicious attack by hackers whose motive is to record your video calling data.

Whats more whatsapp did not disturb users quality time chat with its new video calling feature like you see in many other social media apps and maybe this is the reason it is maintaining the large database. Untill know we have discovered the unique and great feature of the app but that does not mean you will never face any problem with app. Well there are some problem that need to fix by the developers and despite video calling is a recently developed and added feature there will be errors that many users are facing right now let’s see what are those:-


Errors Discovered in the Video Callings

Error 1

Not available in your region?

The first is very common and found in lot of smartphone nowadays which is the unavailability of the feature in your region. Well this error cannot be resolved by your end you just need to contact the support of whatsapp and request them to enable the feature in your country. Once users of the country bombard the email on their support section they will have no choice to activate the feature in your country, In the meanwhile you can check for latest update by browsing through play store or itunes and install any update you might seen. This might take some time but the issue will resolved in time.

Error 2

My friends are using it but i can’t?

Hmm if you find your friend using the video calling feature but somehow you can’t use means there is either a upgrade is required or your phone has some kind of malicious software or settings which does not allow specifically whatsapp video calling. The first step you need to do is uninstall the current whatsapp from your phone and install a fresh copy and see if the function is still available or not.

Error 3

Phone OS or Brand not Supported / Storage Problem

We have seen cases where several features of whatsapp were not supported in different OS due to low ram, smartphone brand is using pre-installed software that does not comply with app, operating system is old etc. So please make sure that your phone is not quite old for the app to support various features. If your phone is old and you still want to use the app then remove those apps which you are currently not using, clear chat history including video, audio to free up space, close all other app except whatsapp and try to use video calling feature. If it still does not work then you need to buy a new phone to use it.

Please share your reviews and problem in the comment section and let me know if you ever face any different problem then this one.

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