How To Fix Spotify Button on Lock Screen not Working – Solved


Fix Spotify Buttons:- Spotify has released a new update on February 2019 and since the launch of this new update, many users raged their anger on social media platforms such as Reddit and Facebook. First two major buttons “repeat” and “go to queue” are missing from the playlist and secondly playing buttons on the lock screen is not working. It seems like Spotify buttons on the lock screen are working perfectly on iOS platform but presently it doesn’t seem to be the case in android phone. However, if you want to fix the problem lock screen problem in your android phone then you should heed onto the instruction given below:-


Spotify Buttons Not Working on Lock Screen After Update

It’s way easier to fix the Spotify buttons not working on the lock screen if you are facing this problem after updating your application. If you are facing this problem before the update then you should go through a series of workaround to fix it.


The most common way to fix a lot of problem in your android phone is to simply reboot/restart your phone. Some problems arise from recent Spotify update maybe fixed by a simple restart. Long press the power button and tap on the restart button to fix the lock screen issue.

Clear Cache and Data

Old data collides with new data and cause a problem in the application is a well known and common error in android phone. As mentioned in the headline you have to erase the old data and allow application configuration files to store new cache data.

  1. Open Application Drawer Page and go to SETTINGS Page.
  2. Find the section Application Manager/Application/Application Settings and tap on it.
  3. In the application page tap on the tab Running Application.
  4. Now scroll down and tap on the application Spotify.
  5. In the Spotify application, you will found two buttons Clear Cache and Clear Data. Tap on both of those buttons, restart your device and try to run the application again.

Install Older Version of Application

Many users of spotify application have fallen back to the older version of the application in order to get the feature and function as same as before. If you are not happy with the latest update or the version cause you any problem you have the option to roll back to the previous version after uninstalling the current application.

  1. Browse through the URL “”.
  2. Scroll down and you will see the previous version of application just tap on any of them and download it on your phone.
  3. Go to the download folder and install the APK file on your phone.
  4. Launch the application to see if the problem still persists in your phone or not.

Which one of the above solution works for you? Do let us know any problem you have faced or your suggestion in the comment section.

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