How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A3 Freeze and Lags Issues


Samsung Galaxy A3 Freeze and Lags:- Freezing and lagging problem are often encountered by various users while browsing online website and playing games on phone but these problem are solved with a minor restart but sometime the problem get quite persistent and you will be forced to shut down your phone or removing battery from phone in order to temporary fix the issues. If you are quite frustrated from this issue and apply almost every attempt to fix the problem on your Samsung Galaxy A3 phone but the problem still persist in your phone then follow the simple step by step guide.


Fix Samsung Galaxy A3 Freeze and Lags

Before moving on to the solution to fix your phone i am advising you to take a backup of your phone data. Once backup process is done follow the instruction as mentioned below:-

Resetting your Phone

  1. Turn Off your phone.
  2. Now press and hold button Volume Up + Home + Power button.
  3. Release the button once your phone vibrate or you see the logo.
  4. After release the key wait patiently to boot your phone into recovery mode.
  5. In recovery mode move the selection from volume up or volume down keys and select the option Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.
  6. Once you select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” press power button to confirm the option.
  7. Now select on YES option on next page and wait for the process to be completed. Once process of wiping data is finished your phone will be rebooted. Now install the app you are running most of the time to check the issue is still persist or not.

If you didn’t encounter any problem after resetting your phone then that means the data and application on your phone are too much to be processed that’s why you are facing those lag issues. In case the problem does not resolve after resetting your phone then this mean your phone hardware need to be fixed or replaced. Take it to customer support center and fixed those issues ASAP because it might damage other hardware components.

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