How to Fix Power Button in Coolpad Phones

Fix Power Button:- A common problem that occurred in lot of phone when they are quite old is that the button such as volume and power are not working because these buttons were used by lot of users. Problem in volume button are quite rare to be hear or seen then power button because the power button is used to control various functions in Smartphone such as keypad lock, switch on or off and resetting the device. As useful the power button can cause problem if it stuck on only one command. Most of the android users are already know that the power button can control the incoming or outgoing call such as it will mute the incoming call and cancel the outgoing call if it stuck to single command which will be quite bothersome. If the same problem you are currently facing in your Smartphone now then follow the guide to fix it right now:-

Fixing Power Button in Coolpad Phones

You can fix the coolpad power button by following the instruction given below. Be noted that the most of the power button problem will be cause only if it is broken so you need to fix by going to service center or by visiting mobile repairing shop but before going to any professional for fixing this problem you should follow the instruction given below:-

Solution #1 Check for Dust and Debris

If you ever face problem related to power button is not working then the first thing you need to do is check if there is any dust or debris are in the way to prevent the power button for working. Just open the cover of your Smartphone and take sharp thin object like needle and scratch the side to Smartphone to remove accumulated dust or debris and check for the button if it’s working or not. It is advised to every user that doesn’t put extra pressure on the sharp object because it might scratch the chip or even damage the button so use this option at your own risk.

Solution #2 Pressing the power button rapidly or Restart

Sometime a process or application might cause the power button to not work for sometime or hang the button so just rapidly press the power button can fix the problem. If you are still facing the problem than restart your phone to check the power button is working or not.

Solution #3 Change the Power Button

If the above two solutions do not work for you then it is possible then there is some problem in the chip or power button itself that cause power button to not work. Apply this option only in case of emergency and take your phone to service button to fix it otherwise it may cause some serious damage. We have discovered an app on play store through which we can change the power button with some other button like volume up. Go to play store and download the app “Power Button to Volume Button” by teliapp.

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