How To Fix Play Store Error 401 in Android Phone


Error 401 in Play Store:- There are a lot of errors that can occur in play store but 401 error is one of the common error that you can get once in your life because of the internet usage. Technically speaking 401 is a network error which that will appear on the network instability, disconnection, during connecting the application to the internet and cache problems. The error is fixable by implementing the basic steps if the error is an operating system based but if the error has occurred from the vendor system then you need to contact them and tell them to fix it. Like I have already told you network based error can be caused by various means so the solution to this problems varies based on the different circumstances so I recommend you to follow different methods if one fails. so without further due let’s begin fixing the 401 error issue:-


Fixing Error 401 in Play Store

Currently, there are four ways or methods to fix the 401 error in the play store which is given below:-

Method #1 Checking Your Network Transfer Data

In the current era of 4G, its sound really awkward to say that check your internet speed but the fact you can’t access play store right now will probably one of it so it is essential you check the speed of your internet before moving to any further solution by browsing the website “”. The minimum speed to access play store should be at least 50KB/s anything lower than that may cause a network 401 error. If you have a 4G data plan but experience low internet connection notify the customer support to fix the error.

Method #2 Check Data Restriction

Sometimes an application, by mistake or prankster friend may enable the data restriction on your phone which might be in your way to access the play store so before going any further check your mobile data restriction:-

  1. On the main menu go to Settings -> Mobile and Data -> Background Restriction -> Disable Google Play store.

Method #3 Clear cache and Data

I have encountered 401 play store error several times and this solution fixes this problem many times.

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Clear Data and then Clear Cache.

Method #4 Remove and Add Google Account

It may feel weird but removing and adding your current Google Account may fix the 401 and many other play store errors. If the above 3 methods fail to fix the error you should try this method:-

  1. Go to Settings -> Account -> Google -> Remove Google Account.
  2. Once the account is removed add it again by tapping on the button Add Google Account and try to connect to play store.

I hope your 401 play store error problem might be fixed with the above four methods just let me know in the comment section if the problem is not fixed.

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