How to Fix Loading Error in Memu Emulator – Solved


Memu Emulator is one of the fastest growing android emulator specifically designed to play android games on computer. Besides being popular android emulator memu has to gone through a list of updates to become popular emulator. Many users still disagree with me on this one because currently memu emulator has every features and function installed which should be required for being a popular emulator but still they are many users out there that are complaining about the memu service and one of the complaint we mostly hear is loading screen error in which when we load the game it screen will stuck at some point. The three major problems which were discussed by most of the users that are listed below:-


Types of Loading Error Encountered by Memu Emulator Users

  1. Loading Screen Stuck at 59 Percent
  2. Fix Screen Stuck at 99 Percent
  3. Loading Screen Stuck at 100 Percent

Solution of Loading Error in Memu Emulator

If you are currently facing any three of the above listed problem then you should follow the solution given below:-

Solution For Loading Screen Stuck at 59 Percent

  1. First update your computer graphic card driver may fix the problem instantly. Just go to the official website of your graphic card manufacturer and see if you can find out the update version otherwise go to device manager and try to update your graphic card through Microsoft Support. If in any case you could not found graphic update anywhere download the driver from “”.
  2. If the first step does not work for you then you need to check your antivirus hardware-assisted virtualization settings. Open your antivirus and then go to Troubleshoot -> Uncheck hardware-assisted virtualization-> Reboot your phone.

Fix Screen Stuck at 99 Percent

  1. If memu software is stuck at 99 percent then you need to shut down your computer and then wait for few minutes and then restart it again. If the problem is related to cache or memory it should be fixed by then.
  2. If the first solution did not work for you then you need to reinstall fresh copy of memu emulator and try to load the app again.

Loading Screen Stuck at 100 Percent

  1. You were most likely encountered this error due to security software such as antivirus. Just disable the antivirus while try to run memu emulator. If the problem still persists then install a fresh copy of memu emulator.

For more information related to memu emulator stay updated to this website.

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