How To Fix Live Location Error in GBWhatsapp


GBWhatsapp is the modified version of the Whatsapp created and uploaded by the XDA Developer member. Many online portals later offer the same mod, and since then it was modded by various individual developers. The modded application downloaded from another portal worked fine for some time but performing certain events like retrieving live location data it shows unexpected error.

In case if you’ve installed gbwhatsapp from another portal I would recommend you to download the right one from the XDA portal posted by the user Has.007 or if you’ve downloaded the right one already then follow the workaround given below:-

1) Check Your Live Location Permission

GBWhatsapp requires permission to access your current location. Location permission is active by default in WhatsApp but since we’re using the modified version both should active the option to get accurate location about each other.

Just go to your Smartphone Settings-> Apps & notifications > Advanced > App permissions > Location > turn on GBWhatsApp.

Or you can go to your phone’s Settings > Apps & notifications > GBWhatsApp > Permissions > turn on Location.

2) Clearing Cache and Data

Sometimes Clearing old Cache and Data of Particular Applications such as Play Service, Maps and GBWhatsapp may solved the live location error.

Just Go to your Phone Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Service -> Storage -> Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

Afterwards repeat the same process with Maps and GBWhatsapp.

For more information on Fixing Live Location Error in GBWhatsapp stay updated to this portal.

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