How To Fix Hulu 500 Error – Solved


Hulu 500 Error:- Hulu is an online platform to watch live or recorded media content. With a subscription plan of 5.99$, you can watch thousands of media content including Sports, News, Anime, TV Shows and Movies on your PC and Mobile. Since you can use one account on the mobile phones as well as PC, users preferred to use an online streaming portal because it’s way cheaper than cable TV. Android TV has also played a major role in that decision.

Hulu uses internet protocol to send data onto your device so sometime you may face server-side or ISP issues that will trigger the error 500. When the error occurred a black screen with the code name will appear on your device screen. It is one of the common that every Hulu users have faced once in a lifetime. Presently there is no permanent fix for this problem but there are workarounds you can follow to fix this issue.

List of Workarounds for Fixing Hulu Error 500


Every time the error occurred on your device the first thing you have to do is refresh your device screen by pressing the F5 button on your computer and Reloading button on your mobile phone. If refreshing doesn’t work then restart your browser or application and try again.

Check Your Internet Connection

Try to browse another website to see if your internet is currently working or not. If you can’t browse other websites then restart your modem and device. Check if Hulu is currently working or not. If your internet connection is not working then contact your ISP for further assistant.

Remove Cache and Data

On Mobile Phone

  • Go to your Phone Settings.
  • Locate and tap on Apps/Applications
  • Scroll down and tap on Hulu App.
  • Tap on Clear Data and Cache.


  • Open your browser and go to the History/Settings Section (CTRL + H).
  • Now tap on the option Clear Browsing Data.
  • Remove the data from the day you are facing such a problem. If you erase entire data then you will be log-out from the website and your saved login detailed will also be erased. Be extra careful while using this method.

Removing Cookies

If you haven’t deleted cookies for a long time then exercise this option to cure Hulu 500 Error. To remove cookies on Chrome Browser press the shortcut button CTRL + H and tap on option Clear Browsing Data. Tick on cookies option and delete the data. On Firefox browser click on Menu -> Option -> Privacy & Security. Now scroll down and click on the option Cookies and Site Data and remove the cookies. On Safari Browser go to Menu -> Preference -> Privacy. Tap on the option “Manage Website Data” and remove the cookies.

Updating the App

Tap on the play store app. Type Hulu and visit the application page. If the update button is visible in the application page tap on it. Once updated restart your phone and run the Hulu app again. On iOS phones open the Apple Store Application, go to Purchased Options. On Purchased Section go to Settings -> General > Update. If you see Hulu App on the list then update it.

Contact Customer Support

Server errors are rare from Hulu side but you can contact the customer support if every method listed above fails:-

  • Browse the following URL “”.
  • Sign in to your account and state the issue you are facing.
  • One of the representatives from Hulu will assist shortly.

For more information on Fixing Hulu 500 Error stay updated to this page.

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