How To Fix HBO GO Not Working on Android Phones or Smart TV


HBO Go is a streaming service offered by the HBO Channel so that a subscriber cannot miss a single episode of their favorite show. The streaming service allows its users to browse and watch all the content stored on their servers even the old ones. You can access the streaming service on the android phones as well as smart TV and the company does its best to give you access to its premium content anytime and anywhere. Despite the fact, every situation is carefully considered there is a lot of complaints seen around the internet that the HBO Go Streaming is not working on their device.

We have gone through these complaints and prepare a workaround that will troubleshoot this problem fairly easy but before we discuss these workarounds make sure your problem doesn’t fall under these below categories:-

Servers Outage / Down:- Browse the web portal and search for HBO Go to check the status of the servers. If the company servers are down then you have to wait till it’s resolved.

Plugin Conflict:- If you are accessing HBO Go through browsers make sure that none of the plugins are interrupting the HBO Streaming Player if it does then disable the plugin to watch the episode and report this issue to the companies Technical Support.

A New Update: In case if you have experienced any playback issue then make sure that you have updated the application or software on the phone or TV. The issue will be resolved as soon as you update the device.

A Simple Restart: If you have opened multiple sites on your device then the application script might have crashed before loading or your processor may have run out of juice. So close all applications and restart your device because it will clear the unnecessary files stored in your RAM.

If your problem doesn’t fall under the above categories then we have prepared a workaround that will solve this problem


Method #1 Factory Reset and Update Again

Sometimes updating the software on your Smart TV might not be enough to keep the HBO GO application running. We have noticed in Smart TV that the application might have crashed some time and then stuck on the blank screen whenever we opened them. Your only solution on that point is to factory reset your TV by going to SETTINGS -> ABOUT -> FACTORY RESET. Once you have applied Factory Reset on your TV update its software again and run the HBO GO application again.

Method #2 Check Browser and Plugins (PC’s)

Apart from recent plugin interruption, you can check the plugin section in your chrome browser to see if the HBO service is accidentally or purposely blocked. Browse the URL “chrome://settings/content/flash” and focus on blocked section to see if HBO Website is listed there. Remove the listed HBO website and run the streaming application again.

Another solution to the problem is deactivating each plugin one by one by browsing the URL “chrome://extensions/“. After browsing the URL tap on the radio button to turn the plugin off and run the HBO Streaming website again to check if the plugin is conflicting with the service.

Method #3 Clearing Cache & Data (Android)

If you are playing the HBO Go content through the android phone then make sure to check the internet speed of your mobile data because that will affect the streaming service. Go to and check the current uploading and downloading speed you are getting currently. If the speed of your data is greater 512KB/sec then follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Go To Your Phone Settings and then tap on section APPS/APPLICATION.
  • Scroll down and tap on the application “HBO GO”.
  • Now tap on the button CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE.
  • Restart the application and run the application again.

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