How To Fix Black or Red Frame Border on Android Phone


Fix red or Black Frame Border:- While browsing your phone you have noticed a frame border of black or red around four sides of your screen. The border has stayed in the position for quite some time then automatically disappeared from the screen and after few minutes or seconds later the border will appear again. If something like this happened with your Android phone right now then you shouldn’t need to worry because the issue is quite easy to be solved. The issue is known as Strict Mode and many users activate this feature by mistake or misconfiguration by an android application may activate the feature.

The red or black border frame is so surreal that it convince users that a bug or problem has been encountered by an LCD screen. I have heard many cases that a user has been paid the price to fix the LCD screen to fix the border problem which could be fixed by pressing a few buttons.

Strict Mode is not available in all android phone. The mode is available in the Ice cream sandwich and the future version of the Android phone which means you can found the option in Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo. The option is specifically designed for the android developers so that they could easily detect read and write permission and network usage in the particular area of the Android Phone. Once the developer knew that this area this area is using the highest GPU of the phone the can modify the code to fix the problem. If you want to fix your phone from the red and black frame then follow the step by step guide given below:-


Disabling Strict Mode in Android Phone

Currently, there are two methods to fix your reed or black frame border problem which is given below;-

Method #1

  1. First Go To Settings and then go to Developer Option.
  2. Scroll down and search for option Strict Mode.
  3. Uncheck the option and go back to main screen of the page.
  4. Reboot your phone to clear the cache configuration.

Method #2

Factory resetting your phone will fix your problem of black and red frame border. To factory reset your phone just go to settings and then scroll down to bottom of the page and tap on the last option. In different phone the title of the option is labeled differently for example in Samsung phone it is stated as General Management in other phone backup and reset but in most of the phone the option is given at the last menu option. Once you select the last option tap on reset or factory reset option and wait for few minutes to factory reset your phone.

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