How To Find IP Address on Android Phone and Tablets


Find IP Address on Android Phone:- There are a lot of ways to find your IP address which included websites, software and inbuilt functions on Android OS. In this tutorial, I will show you a sure short way to know your Global or Private IP Address.

As you know it by know that IP Address is a series of number separated by a Dot 3 times after some numbers. When you connected to a network using any data plan that number is assigned by your internet service provider which servers your information on the internet. Don’t worry IP addresses does not share your personal details on every website you visit it will just show your device information and Geo Location. Most of the time users do not need to know their IP Address but in some cases like technical difficulties in the network or restrict the network usage of devices you need to know their IP Address.


Identifying Global Vs Private IP Address

While resolving a network error related to IP address you need to know the difference between global and private address. A Global IP is the address of your network in which various sub-devices such as phone and computer are connected for example a WIFI Device. A private IP address is assigned to your device that you are currently using to connect to the internet. A Private IP address on the different network could be the same used on other devices but the global IP address will be different.


One more thing that you might see in the process of finding the IP address is IPV4 and IPV6. To be frank, nobody is paying attention to detail such as that and everybody including me avoid to know about the information because presently it does not matter but in future, this information will be useful because the IP address could be changed by then. IPV4 is the fourth version of the protocol that we are currently using it to connect to the internet and it is possible assigned IPV4 is assigned in the value from 0 to 255 and after shuffling the value it could go upto billions but in the age of internet everyone has an android phone and data plan and probably billions of address are used up by know then what will happen after that what kind of IP address should a phone get after IPV4? After IPV4 comes IPV6 the sixth version internet protocol in which address is assigned as 4ffe:1850:4546:8:2f8f:f21e:25tc. The sixth version of internet protocols opens the door to the more unique address.

Find Your IP Address

As I have described there are many ways to find your IP address but today I am going to list the easiest method to find your phone or tablet IP Address:-

WhatISMyIP (

Just browse through the URL to find out your IP address. The website also tells information about your service provider and location.

WhatIsMyIPAddress (

Copy or type the URL in your browser to know information about IP, ISP, and Location with an embedded map.

If you didn’t trust for some reason on the above website go to google and type “What is my IP Address” and it will show you your address in the search result page.

For more infdormation on finding IP address stay updated to this page.

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