How to Find Correct Architecture and DPI for Google Play Services

Find Correct Architecture and DPI:- Every smartphone comes with pre-installed google apps on the device no matter whatever the brand really is but if you have installed custom rom on your smartphone or your phone is manufactured in china then you will not find the play service or apps on your phone which mean you cannot install any apps on your phone. There are bunch of online website that are providing apps such as play store which you can download and install on your phone but the problem lies when you have to choose the correct architecture for your phone because google company release its application in different packages and those packages are based on DPI and architecture of your phone. This process is quite necessary if you are using the old android phone to install the play services or apps on your phone because hardware efficiency of the phone does not allow you install the highest version of the play store.

Another important factor that you should take into consideration is that the google app might be available on various third party apps but for the apps to work on your phone properly they need a framework which you have install first before installing any app. If you are asking about what framework is then that play service i have mentioned from the start of the page is framework which layout the basis for all google apps. Now let’s take a look on how you can identify your architecture structure and choose the correct dpi to install the google apps.



Find Correct Architecture and DPI for Google Play Services

To find out the correct google apps for your phone you need to know about the following three steps first:-

1. Operating System

Go to your smartphone setting and then click on ABOUT PHONE  -> SOFTWARE INFORMATION. Now scroll down and check for your android operating system and note it down or memorize it for now.

2. ARM Settings

  1. To know this setting easily in your smartphone you need to install DROID APP from play store website.
  2. Once installed open the app and and tap on SYSTEM tab.
  3. On Instruction set note down the ARM value.

3. DPI Settings

  1. This setting can also be obtain from DRIOD App. Install the app by following the first step mentioned in ARM.
  2. Once installed open the app and then scroll down to section DISPLAY and check Software Density and note it down.

Now we have every information regarding your android smartphone so now identifying the correct play store service app is simple. Just search for the app on the internet and check for the detail which you have noted down. If the details found out to be the exact as you wrote down you can install the play service on your phone.

In case if you don’t understand any point or need any help just reach me via comment section given below.

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