How To Enable or Disable Floating Keyboard on Android Phone


Floating Keyboard on Android Phone:- Floating keyboard is one of the must-have features on any android phone because it will give you the comfort of writing without any disturbance of wrongly tapped on the side menu icons which were really frustrated. There are bunch of applications that provide the same feature but I have majorly encountered third-party application in which you have to root your phone but recently Google has released the same feature in its Gboard application after which many users are trying to get this feature as fast as they can get in their phone. After installing this new application or update in your phone you can move or even resize your Gboard anywhere on your phone screen.

The application is well suited for the person who is typing a lot on his keyboard whether its social media messages or an e-mail. The keyboard that was fixated on the edge of the screen can now be moved anywhere on your screen right where your fingers wanted. This feature is hidden so well in your Gboard that you probably could not find without the proper guidance so I am providing a step by step guide on how you can enable or disable this feature on your phone.


Enable Floating Keyboard in Your Android Phone

First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the software on your phone. If you haven’t downloaded the software yet get it first by following the link:-

Gboard For Android Phone 

Once you have installed the application or even update your phone, Follow the step by step procedure given below to enable the floating keyboard in your phone:-

  1. First, open an application you want to use Gboard on and tap on type field to activate the Gboard.
  2. Once Gboard is activated tap on the G icon. Once you press the G icon scroll between the icons like Gif or emoticons and scroll your way to the last of the icons where you will find three DOT lines.
  3. Tap on three dot lines and on the last of the icon under the three DOT lines you will find a Floating option. Once you tap on the floating icon you can move or resize your Gboard keyboard anywhere on your screen.

Disable Floating Keyboard

If you have used the floating keyboard for quite some-time and didn’t like it or switch it back to the fixated state then follow the guide.

  1. Open Gboard and tap on G icon.
  2. Now scroll your option between icons like GIF and emoticons and scroll to the last option where you will find option Three Dots.
  3. Tap on Three Dots and under the options tap on Floating to disable it. The same option that enables the keyboard will disable it.

For more information on Enable or Disable Floating Keyboard stay updated to this website.

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