How to Enable Multi Windows in Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Solved

Enable Multi Windows in Marshmallow:- Activating and using Multi Windows in android smartphone was the dream of many users for quite long-time after getting the habit of multi windowing and browsing from windows environment. Many users had search for this topic online and when a user on reddit posted the pictures using the same feature of multi windowing in his phone all the internet community and group of professional developer searching and coding to add this unique feature on their mobile and release a mod for other users as well and they were successfully manage to figure out ways on how anyone can use multi-windowing on their smartphone only if the users have Android 6.0 or above operating system installed on phone.

The feature that allows multi-windowing on android phone is one of the hidden features developed by the android company and hides it from users because this feature is still in experiment stage and the feature can only activate in your phone if you have the power user access. To become power user you need to root your device and follow certain steps to activate the feature which i will explain further in the page. One more way to activate the feature is by the use of ADB software followed by the series of command. This method i am going to explain require medium level of coding skills and good understanding of android operating system because if you make any mistake while performing the codes it might result in hanging or corrupt your OS so it is advisable to users to do their research carefully before applying the steps.

Enable Multi-Window on Android Phone

As i have mentioned above currently there are two ways to activate multi-window in android phone which are given below:-

Through Root

  1. First install ES File Explorer in your phone from Play Store.
  2. After Installation open the app and activate root explorer by tapping on THREE STRAIGHT LINE on dashboard and then tap ROOT EXPLORER to enable it.
  3. Once root is enabled go to /System folder and then search for file name build.prop.
  4. Now open build.prop file with text editor and search for the line and after “=” change the line to userdebug.
  5. After editing the line save the file and reboot your device.
  6. Go to settings and tap on Developer Option and scroll down to category called Drawing and activate the option Multi Windows.

Through ADB Software (without root)

  1. Install ADB Software on your computer.
  2. Now connect your smartphone with computer via USB cable.
  3. Open Command Prompt as per describe in the ADB Software link and type the following command

    adb pull /system/build.prop
  4. Once you pull out the file from android operating system and then open it with TEXT EDITOR.
  5. Now search for the line and after “=” change the line to userdebug
  6. After edited the file SAVE IT and then type the command again in command prompt

    adb push build.prop /system/

  7. Now type and press enter command

    adb shell

  8. At last type the two command

    cd system
    chmod 644 build.prop

  9. Restart your device and go to SETTINGS -> Developer Option and locate section drawing and enable multi windows option.

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