How To Enable FPS Counter in Android Phone

FPS Counter is one of the most important things to look for while playing a game on your android phone. FPS determine the way of graphics display on your screen while playing a game so if you are facing any kind of issues in graphics response rate then you can blame your phone hardware for that. Sometimes excessive load of an application on your phone memory may have caused the graphics to not work properly so we need an application that can determine the current FPS of the game. In the page, we are providing information on how you can enable FPS Counter in your phone as well as in-depth information about FPS.

How FPS Works

FPS is defined as Frame Per Seconds which means how many frames your phone can refresh in one second. The refresh rate of a single frame is based on the specification of your phone and computers. Phone and computer have different refresh because compare to the phone a computer has to process heavy software and games. A gaming computer has the refresh rate between 145 HZ to 165 HZ which means a gaming computer can process 145 to 165 frames in a single second. When the frames of the game are optimized properly you couldn’t encounter any kind of lag or drop but when it does you couldn’t know what hit you in the game.

FPS rate on normal android phones can be range between 40 to 60 HZ (Hertz). If your phone is older than 3 or 4 years before posting this article then it’s FPS should be range between 20 to 40 HZ. High-end games such as PUBG Mobile using 60 HZ of framerate to display the graphics smoothly. If your phone specification allows FPS till 40 HZ then you will experience frame drops in the game and that irritates a lot of game users. Now you will have two options to fix the frame drop issues the first one is to replace your phone with better or latest ones such as Razor and One plus 7 pro phone that has the FPS of 90 HZ to 120 HZ or you can customize your phone via root and try to use maximum resources of your phone. As I have already said that a normal phone uses 40 to 60 HZ which means by root and install certain application on your phone you can fix the HZ uses to 60 but beware root has its own risk.

Enabling FPS Counter on Android Phones

Now let’s get back to main business our motive is to install FPS Counter on Your Android Phones to identify the frame rate used in that game and we do so by following the steps below:-

  • Open your phone and enable USB Debugging.
  • Go to play store and install the application Gamebench.
  • Once installed open the app and create your account.
  • Now open your laptop or desktop and download this software.
  • Install the software and then connect your phone to computer via USB Cable.
  • Open the software on your computer and then access your phone.
  • If you see any message on your phone screen after connecting your device with the computer tap on the button to ALLOW IT.
  • Once you allow permission the service will be started on your phone. Tap on the button finish to enter the dashboard.
  • In the dashboard page, you will found a list of application that allows FPS on your phone.
  • Choose the game or apps of your choice to enable FPS Counter.
  • The game will run and on the top right section bar, you will find the FPS used in the game right now.

For more information on FPS Counter stay updated to this page.

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