How To Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger


Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger:- Dark Mode is currently an under-developed black colored OLED theme designed by Facebook developers and it will be available for users in the future version of messenger update. A buzz has been spread out by media and users on social platforms that they can access the feature right now in their application and posted several pictures of it. As we all know every under-developed feature or function has been implemented within the application by developers but the feature is hidden from users so that the incomplete feature cannot be accessed until the bugs and other issues have been resolved. Presently the picture and other proofs you are seeing of dark mode are true and anybody can access the feature in the messenger by following the simple trick I have mentioned below. It doesn’t matter if you are an Android or iOS users the trick I have mentioned to enable dark mode in messenger works for both users.


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Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android or iOS

The hidden dark mode feature can be unlocked by following the simple trick given below:-

  1. Launch the facebook messenger on your phone. Open up your chat box, select any users from the list it doesn’t matter.
  2. Once you opened the chat box tap on icon list from where you select GIF’s and EMOJI.
  3. Now tap on emoji icon and then tap on section Animal & Nature. Now look for an icon Crescent Moon and tap on it.
  4. Once you send the Crescent Moon icon you will notice the number of moons has been dropping down in the chat box. This indicates that your dark mode has been unlocked.
  5. Once your dark mode is unlocked a notification has been shown right after it in which this written: “You Found Dark Mode” along with a setting button to turn on the theme.
  6. Now tap on the setting button and toggle the dark mode to on. Ignore the warning notification and tap on OK button. Restart your phone and enjoy the Dark Mode.

Lets us know if you found any problem while accessing the dar mode For more information on Facebook Messenger Dark Mode stay updated to this page.

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