How To Enable Call Recording on EMUI 9 Phone – Solved


Call Recording is one of the must-have features on android phones. Most of the android phone manufactures now offered inbuilt phone recording features but for EMUI 9 smartphone users recording a call is still a hassle. There are plenty of call recording apps available on the play store such as AUTOMATIC CALL RECORDER that allows android phone users to record calls but EMUI 9 users can’t use these apps due to privacy and security related patch installed on Android Pie Version.

Most of the android pie users criticized these security patches because they couldn’t install and use various third-party applications on their phones, for example, rooting applications such as Kingoroot, Xposed Framework, TWRP, etc. Based on the negative response from the phone users android developers have rectified this security patch issue in their next release Android 10 version but there is no announcement from the developers to fix this issue in 9 versions yet.

So does that mean we can’t record calls in android 9 or EMUI 9 Phone? No our android developers community couldn’t leave this problem unfixed so an APK file is specifically developed for the same issues. You could install this app from the link below and record calls on your phone. Just follow the step by step given below:-

Enable Call Recording Feature on EMUI 9 Phones

  • First Download the APK file from “”.
  • Once downloaded install the APK on your phone.
  • During installation, you might see an error message INSTALLATION BLOCKED. When the error message appeared on your phone screen just tap on SETTINGS and under SECURITY section Activate Unknown Sources.
  • Now reinstall the APK on your phone and when the application installed reboot your phone.
  • After rebooting your phone dial any number. Once the numbered is dialed tap on the call button.
  • On the calling screen, a new icon RECORD will be displayed on the left top sections of the icon list. Just ap on the Record icon to start recording your call.

For more information on Enabling Call Recording on EMUI 9 stay updated to this page.

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