How to Download Youtube Videos like a PRO on Android


Download Youtube Videos:- There is a list of online application and software that allow users to download youtube videos in their computer and android phone but today we are sharing information on how you can download the youtube videos by typing commands on the terminal. The unique way of downloading video on your device will make anyone feel like a professional.

Youtube-dl is a command line program for windows which is now available for the Android-based smartphone. With this command line program, you can download any youtube videos in various format such as MP3, MP4, 3GP etc. Its powerful download engine converts the video files uploaded on the different website and downloads it into your storage. As the name given to the command line program, it is specifically designed to download the youtube videos but as the community of the program grows the developers have made various changes to the program and now you can download the video from the various different streaming website.


List of other Popular Website from Where You can Download Videos using Youtube-DL

  1. Dailymotion
  3. Twitch
  4. Vimeo
  5. 9gag
  6. AlJazeera
  7. Crunchyroll
  8. Lynda

As I have mentioned above Youtube-dl is windows based program but thanks to the outstanding work from open source community you can download the video on your android phone thanks to the program named Termux which can be download from play store right now. Each and every function that supports youtube-dl is now available in the termux application but the installation of the program is little complicated. Don’t worry we will show you a clear and easy way to install the application on your phone.

Installing Termux on Your Phone

  1. Access this website from your mobile and tap on Termux installation link.
  2. After installing termux application download the API Plugin. Make sure you install the plugin application because without the plugin the application won’t work.
  3. Once the installation of both applications finished run the application and type the command “termux-setup-storage” to set-up the storage for the downloaded videos.
  4. Next on the step is to install the required language to run youtube-dl. Type the command “pkg install -y ffmpeg python” to install the package.
  5. Now for the software itself type this command “pip install youtube-dl”. Once these files are installed you are ready to download videos from youtube and other websites.

How to Use Termux to Download Videos

After installation, the next on the list is to download the video from youtube and other websites:-

  1.  Type the command “youtube-dl media_url” to download video from youtube. For eg, I want to download a video of the latest movie trailer Zero so I will type this command “Youtube-dl”.
  2. Use -f instruction to get full detail on which media type you can download this video too, for example, I want to download the video in a 3GP format so I will type the instruction “Youtube-dl -f 22+135”. The number 22 represents the video format while the 135 represent the audio format for the video.

Do let me know if you have faced any technical difficulties while following the instructions above I will answer your query ASAP.

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