How to Download TOR Browser on Android Phone

Download TOR Browser for Android:- On September 2018 the tor project company announced a new anonymous browser for android device. Currently this new software is in testing phase so you can only download the alpha version right now but shortly a full release application will be replaced with current software on play store. As you have already known that tor is a browser used to browse website anonymously on internet and it’s also helps to keep your identity hidden on the network. Fully secured privacy is guaranteed with the tor browser which is why browsing any kind of website including illegal one is possible through tor browser.

Until know tor browser is only available as a software for operating system like Linux and Windows but from now on android mobile holder can use the software as well. Till tor browser make its entrance in play store for android phone many users are browsing website anonymously through various users are that are using the tor browser to hide a user but know the official version of the tor browser is released so users does not need any third party application to browse website on android phone.


To properly run and ensure maximum security on tor browser users have to install list of proxy on android phone. Fear not because a single app will do the trick, install “Orbot” from play store and run tor browser in your android phone and forgot about the tension of your privacy.

Salient Features of Tor Browser

  1. Maintain Anonymity and Block Trackers.
  2. Defend you from any kind of surveillance.
  3. Multi Layered Data Encryption.
  4. Change Proxy to Hide Location

Download TOR Browser for Android Phone

Tor browser is currently available to download from play store. Just follow the instruction given below to correctly install the browser on your phone:-

  1. Go through the following link or open the play store on your android phone and search for “Tor Browser for Android”.
  2. Now install Tor Browser on your phone and after that search for application “Orbot: Proxy with Tor” and install on your phone.
  3. After installation of both application just launch the tor browser and enjoy browsing website anonymously.

Let me know if you cannot install the TOR browser on your phone. I will assist you in installing the application on your phone.

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