How To Download Latest Samsung Firmware for Free


Download Latest Samsung Firmware:- The most crucial software of any android phone is the firmware that is the read-only software on an android phone through which every function is performed. Many users confused the firmware with the term of OS but in actual it’s a little bit different. Firmware is the software that was built on the combination of an OS and manufacturer tweaks. In the early era of the smartphone trend, it was nearly impossible to flash a firmware on your phone because you need a special kind of equipment to do so and that time software is being stored as a read-only memory which failed many software to perform such actions on a phone but later the software will be stored on flash drive which can be edited easily with the help of root.

If you are not a fan of root your android phone then you are definitely missing a lot of stuff in your android phone. You could install custom ROM, certain software to edit your phone firmware on the android phone with the help of root. Rooting your phone and flashing a firmware will also help you dealt with the various different android problem such as internet troubleshooting, calibrating phone sensors, resetting your phone to factory state, etc. The firmware of a specific phone is not easily available on the internet and various website on the internet charge you a subscription fee to use their firmware on your phone but there is one software company that is providing the latest firmware for free to your Samsung based smartphone and that is SamFirm. Now let’s take a look at how you can install the Samsung custom ROM into your phone.


Prerequisite to Use the Software

  1. First, you need to know the model number of your phone. You can obtain the model number of your phone by going to SETTINGS-> ABOUT DEVICE-> MODEL NUMBER.
  2. The next on the step is obtaining the CSC code of your Samsung phone. The option is required to validate information about your region and carrier but if your phone is unlocked then you will not need it, only your phone model number is sufficient.

Download and Use SamFirm Software For Latest Samsung Firmware

This section is divided into two parts the first one is the download links and the other one is how to use the software:-

Download Links

SamFirm Software Official Download

Samfirm Mirror Download Link

Using The Software

Once you have downloaded the software from the above-mentioned section let’s take a look at how you will use it:-

  1. Install the software on your computer and check the stability of your internet connection.
  2. Open the software by clicking on the samfirm.exe file. You might face an error on opening the software if any kind of event like that occurred then install the Microsoft visual c++ 2008 sp1 redistributable package.
  3. Once you have installed the visual c++ samfire.exe software will be opened without any problem.
  4. Under section Firmware Info enter your phone model number and three alphabetic region information for example if you are living in India then type IND in the field.
  5. Make sure you tick the auto button option because it will auto correct some of your typing mistakes in any field.
  6. Once you fill the above-mentioned information click on the button check update. Now the software will begin to search your software and once it found the firmware it will show the Download Button right next to Firmware Info section.
  7. Click on download button to initialize the process of downloading. The file size of the firmware should be around 2 GB or more.
  8.  Once the firmware file is download on your computer you can use ODIN software to flash the file on your Samsung phone.

For more information on downloading flash file on your computer stay updated with this page.


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