How To Download Huawei USB Driver on Computer


USB Drivers are system software required to install additional hardware on your computers such as Bluetooth Devices, SD Card Reader and Smartphone. Most of the USB Drivers come pre-installed in your windows operating system and when you plugged that hardware into your computer it will automatically installed. Look at the example of USB Mouse and Keyboard you don’t need an additional driver to install them on your computer but for other hardware, you’ll need adequate USB Driver.

Chinese phone manufacturing brands such as Huawei needs additional USB Drivers to communicate the phone with computers. Huawei does understand the importance of transferring mobile phone data on computer so they have built software and app for this specific purpose which I am going to explain how you’ll use it to transfer data.

Transfer Mobile Phone Data with Huawei HiSuite

HiSuite is computer software designed and developed by Huawei company for their customer to transfer the phone data on the computer. HiSuite comes with all the USB Drivers for Huawei Phones and its easy to use UI allows you to view system files as well as the media files stored in the gallery section. Follow the step by step instruction below to use Huawei HiSuite on your computer.

  1. Download and Install Huawei HiSuite From Official Webstore “”.
  2. Once Installed Plug the Data Cable on your phone and computer.
  3. Once the cable connects, a prompt message will appear on your phone with three options choose the option TRANSFER FILES.
  4. Now Enable USB Debugging Option to allow HiSuite to Interact with your Computer.
  5. Open HiSuite Software on Computer and tap on the button Connect given at the right side of the software.
  6. Wait patiently for the application to be installed on your mobile phones.
  7. Once the application is installed an RSA message will appear on your phone tap on OK then a pair key will appear.
  8. Type the pairing key code on your computer software to connect the phone with the computer to exchange data.

For more information on Downloading USB Driver on Huawei Phones stay updated with this website.

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