How to Download CROM Service APK For Chinese Samsung Phone


Download CROM Service APK:- Chinese government are strict about the privacy of its users and the users for whom the product is manufactured in their country that is why many Chinese smartphone are hard to unlock boot-loader even if you applied the code in the form of app or give your phone to a knowledgeable android enthusiast so he can unlock it for you. While most of the company oblige with the policy but many small manufacturing companies does not comply with it and sold the smartphone internationally which is why some of the Chinese smartphone are not hard to unlock but the case is different if you are using brand such as Samsung.

If you want to unlock the bootloader of Chinese Brands like Samsung mobile phone then you need to install an app on your smartphone named CROM. This small sized app is loaded with codes which were specially designed to tackle any kind of security implemented by the manufacturer developers. Once you download this third party app will ask you to give hi the permission to install it on your smartphone and once its installed you are just few button away to unlock your phone bootloader.


Some of you might be confused about why bootloader matter that much in android phone? Why securing bootloader is so big we should secure operating system first? Well a bootloader is the centre part of your smartphone which connects your hardware with operating system files so they can interpret it and show you the output on your phone screen. It was secured by the company for only one reason that malicious program or a hacker can’t control your mobile phone because if anybody reaches to the point where they have access to your bootloader then he can hang your phone at boot screen, steal or modify your data or over-optimize the hardware settings to damage your phone.

Now let’s focus on the information on how you can download the software on your smartphone:-

Download CROM Service APK For Chinese Samsung Phone

  1. First take a backup of your entire phone data because the process we are implementing to unlock bootloader is quite risky.
  2. Enable Developer Option and in the option menu activate OEM Unlocking.
  3. Now download the CROM apk from the source “”.
  4. After downloading the file install it using file explorer or by visiting the download section in your browser.
  5. Once installed open the Samsung CROM app and tap on YES button to begin unlocking the bootloader of Samsung Phone.
  6. Once your Samsung smartphone is unlocked reboot it to finish the process. ENJOY!

Let me know if the above mentioned process worked on your phone and share your thought about the app in the comment section.

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