How to Download Bluestack 4 on Your Computer


Download Bluestack 4:- Bluestack 4 is the latest version of the popular android emulator which was released on September 2018. The latest version of the bluestack software has surpassed previous version in terms of performance and interface. Recently the company has released a bluestack N version and after few months of time-span the 4th version has been released. It seems to us that the N version got polished by few updates and replaced it with a better and advanced version. So officially the successor of the 3rd version is not considered as N anymore now it will be 4th version. Bluestack 4 is currently running on android 7.1 Nougat operating system which supports every latest game available in play store. The software has been tested on various platforms for performance and it is claim to be faster 9 times than Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.


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How to Download Bluestack 4 on Your Computer

Its not complicated to installed the bluestack 4 on your computer. An EXE file is available in the official website of bluestack which can be downloaded instantly.

  1. Remove any old version of Bluestack.
  2. Now go to official website “” and download the latest version of software as EXE file.

Changes in User Interface

After installing and running bluestack 4 software on our computer for the first time we have noticed the beautiful interface and easy to navigate controls at first glance. It’s not hard to understand the control system trust me the first thing we have seen is the application and games we have already installed. On bottom middle side of the page 5 important links has been given which including Play Store, Bluestack World, Help Center, Instance Manger and Reward Manager.

What’s more in the update is now you can customize the themes of your bluestack software and change it according to your style. The first three themes are being redeemable for free and the rest of the themes can be customized by the professional developers. The wallpaper features in the software is premium and you could install multiple wallpaper by investing some bucks.

The bottom icon bar also showcases the button such as Keyboard Control, Toggle Full Screen and Toggle Keys Tips Display. On top right hand side of the page you can see three icons in line-up the first one is bell icon which represent notification. The red dot means you still have notification to view and second icon right next to bell icon is person icon which represents account. The third icon on the list is gear which means settings of bluestack software.

Importing a software on your bluestack software is easy you just need to go to Settings -> Import -> Windows File.

Changes in Performance

If you are thinking only few function and interface has been changed in the new version then you are wrong as i have mentioned earlier the performance of bluestack software to run application on your computer has also been increased. The specification of computer is way more ahead of android phone. If you are using a gaming PC or laptop then the phone is out of the league in term of the processing and physical ram power. Until know bluestack is using basic power performance power from your computer but with the latest update they have increased the performance limitation which in-return let the software to use full performance of your computer hardware. That’s why the many platforms are saying that the speed of bluestack software is increased by 10x of latest smartphone Galaxy 9 Plus. After the update many big games such as PUBG or Need for Speed runs perfectly and smoothly in your computer.

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