Download and Install Android P Pixel Launcher on Your Android Phone


Android P Pixel Launcher:- Android has announced the latest version of its operating system known as Android P in August 2018 but very few phones are getting this update on OTA unless you root your phone and install the stock ROM from third party sources. Many users want to try this method of rooting and install the unofficial ROM on their phone but since I have tried and use this feature I must tell you I could not find a lot of feature in the unofficial ROM on my phone and since individual developers are porting the OS, only a handful of phones on each manufacturer are been ported so the chances to find the official ROM is quite less. In case if you could not find your phone in the unofficial list or you are not comfortable on the fact of rooting your phone then you can try the android P Launcher application which is available for the android phone since the launch of official P version.

Android P Pixel Launcher will let you experience the environment of official P version while it supports various other features that are a part of P version. Once we install the launcher on our phone the first thing we notice is the UI of the P. Rather than transparent the new feature of the P operating system has a non-transparent Dock and round shaped corner on each side of the square. You can notice various other touch-ups once you install the launcher in your android phone.

Android P Launcher is currently available to download from third party source although the application requires some privilege to install in your phone. Don’t worry all the process will be rootless but there is one condition to use the application. The developer of the application stated that his apk file will only work on android 8.0 or greater version so if you want the google signature OS in your phone you should have to upgrade your phone.


How to Install Android P Pixel Launcher on Android Phone

Follow the below-mentioned step by step instruction to install Android P Pixel Launcher in your android phone:-

  1. First off Download the Android P Launcher Application from the Trusted Source.
  2. Once downloaded install the file on your phone. During installation, it may show warning regarding the potential threat but you should continue on installing the file by allowing following the tweak Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources -> Allow.
  3. Once you have followed the tweak APK file will be installed on your phone without giving you any trouble and once its installed go to your home screen.
  4. Once you press the home screen button it will ask you which launcher do you want to use on that menu you have to select GOOGLE PIXEL LAUNCHER.
  5. Once selected your UI will be replaced with Android P. Enjoy!!

For more information on how you can Install Android P Pixel Launcher on Your Android Phone stay updated to this website.

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