How To Disable Notification on any Android Phone


Disable Notification:- Android notification on your smartphone are a great way to tell it’s users about the app update, information, promotional message and changes made by the app that need to be notified to users but in case if you have installed to many apps in your smartphone notification will buzz up one after another leaving users annoyed. If you are being annoyed by those notifications then i will tell how to get rid of those pesky notifications from your smartphone.



Mute Your Notifications

If notifications are important to you but you don’t want it will make sound or vibrate when prompt on phone then you can activate the feature known as Don’t Disturb pre-defined in your android operating system. To activate the feature just go to SETTINGS -> SOUNDS -> Do Not Disturb -> Priority Only Allows and then set the messages and calls to “From Starred Contacts Only”.


How To Disable It?

At First notifications can only be removed or disable via rooting your smartphone and install a customized app or coded smartphone but after the evolution of operating system the developers has built a option in which you can disable single or multiple app notification from appearing in your smartphone. Let’s check out how you can actually access or disable the notification:-

  1. Just pull down notification shade and tap on GEAR icon or directly go to SETTINGS page.
  2. On Settings page locate and tap on option NOTIFICATION.
  3. On Notification Page Select an App of Your Choice and tap on Block All.
  4. Once Block All Feature Activate then you will never receive a notification from the app.

A simple yet effective solution to disable your android notification is to install an app from play store named “Switch Off Notifications”. Once you open the app you will find every app listed in the dashboard. Choose the app of your choice to disable or enable the notification.

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