How to Disable Google Assistant on Android 8.0 Oreo

Disable Google Assistant on Android Oreo:- Google Assistant is one of the best application to get assistant related to various feature and topic on android phone in an interactive way but many android dislike the app and would like to disable it form android phone. We strongly believe that many users do not go through the app feature or does not use the app since they purchased the smartphone because the feature and assistant you get from the application are endless. You can communicate with the app and use it to perform various task such as finding files or song on the internet and play for you not just that it will helpful to give information related to latest news, weather forecast, traffic updates and translating multiple phrases in different languages. You just ask a question to the app and rest of the thing is assured with app. The app is either connect with the home devices with the help of hardware available in the market named Google Home and controls your electronic equipment with voice an example has been seen with siri.

Lack of awareness and reluctant about asking the question to the app might be the problem why many android users are not using the application. If you have decided to disable the app from your device then i will guide you step by step method on how you can disable the app on your phone.

How to Disable Google Assistant on Android 8

Disabling google assistant on your smartphone is quite simple. Once you disable the function in your phone you will able to conserve more battery than usual because the application run on background of process and consume phone data as well as battery. Let’s move on the process to disable your google assistant on android Oreo

  1. Long press on home button to launch the application and tap on drawer looking icon on top right side of the chat screen.
  2. Once you tap on drawer icon you will be redirect to main dashboard screen. On the dashboard screen tap on three dot icon which is given at the top right side of page then tap on SETTINGS.
  3. Now locate section Device and tap on your device name.
  4. On Google Assistant option turn it off.

Once you turn off google assistant you will not be able to use any command untill you turn it on again.

If you need assistant in any other problem or you haven’t understand any step in the above method just write your problem in comment section.



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