How to Decompile and Compile APK files


Decompile and Compile APK files: Every android application is compiled in APK format whether you are downloading the file from a third party website or from play store. The APK file installed from third-party source is saved in your download folder and the application file from play store is stored in your memory till installation and after that, it will be removed automatically to free up disk space. The concept of the APK file in the Android phone is similar to the EXE installation file in a computer. Both processes stored multiple files under one file so it could be easier to locate and install the full program on users device easily. As easier as it gets for users to install file on devices the easier it will be for the developers as well as to locate and change the information in the software. Instead of search the file on multiple browser developers will know where to search for the file from the beginning. A user with good coding skills can modify the file on its own by decompiling and then compile it again. Think of the changes a user can make in the application he can easily modify the function in the app, changes colors and themes. Modding an app can be also done by decompiling so this process is necessary for the developers to be known in the first place.

In this article, we will learn how to decompile an APK file using APK Easy Tool. It is a lightweight tool specially designed for developers to compile and decompile apps that you are currently working on. The compiling and decompiling process is not much tougher as it seems just believe me a novice user with good command line skills can perform it but some users do not like the idea to use a command line to compile or decompile APK files so they choose software for this task. So without any further due let’s take a look on how you can compile or decompile an Android APK using APK Easy Tool.


Before Installing the Tool Make Sure Your Computer Fulfill the below mentioned Requirement

  1. Windows 7 or Higher.
  2. .NET Framework 4.5 or Higher (If your computer has windows 8 then you might not need to install an update for this software).
  3. Java JDK. Make sure computer have java installed on your computer because java is essential to compile or decompile an APK file.

How to Use APK Easy Tool to Compile and Decompile APK File

  1. The first step is to download the software and install it on your computer.
  2. Once installed launch the software and then click on button Select APK and select the APK on your computer which you want to compile and decompile.
  3. Once you choose the file a list of option will be appeared right beneath it choose the decompile option.
  4. Once your application is decompiled the files installed the application will be stored in APK Easy Tool\1-Decompiled APKs inside C:\Documents folder.
  5. After finishing the job click on the compile button to compress the app in APK format.

For more information on how to Decompile and Compile APK files stay updated to this website.

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