How To Deal with Insufficient Storage Space on Android Phone


Insufficient Storage:- When internal storage on your smartphone is filled up with data then you will encountered a message titled Insufficient Storage while installing or downloading new file or app on your phone. Once you get this error message we will directly go to the storage space to try and remove the unwanted app so we can install the app that is needed right now but when we calculate the disk space from your phone we are seeing the unexpected result which is the lot of disk space on our internal space to store file. If we have lot of disk space on our internal storage then why we are getting that message “Insufficient Storage Space” when we are installing a new app on our phone. There are many possibility for the issue to be cause in your phone such as OS is failing to remove the temporary files or deleted files on your phone, an app is using a folder to store its data which can’t be located by your storage etc. If you are still worrying about the data then it’s time to stop worrying and follow the step by step guide to deal with this situation.


Solution For Insufficient Storage Space on Android Phone

Restart Your Phone

Restart your phone will fix many problem including disk space problem which were failed to delete your from smartphone previously. After rebooting your internal space will be calculated again so next time when you install or download file your phone does not show Insufficient Storage Space. I have write detailed information what are the benefits of restarting your phone.

Clear App Data and Cache

Apps such as facebook and whatsapp contain hefty amount of data in cache and in your phone memory. Removing these data can fix your storage problem for weeks or months. To Remove cache and data just go to SETTINGS -> APPLICATIONS -> Choose app and then click on button Clear Cache and Data. Browse your internal storage folder using ES File Explorer and go to picture and other folder of social media data and remove it from your phone.

Backup Extra Content on Cloud Storage Service

Service such as Google Drive and Dropbox are the prime example of free storage upto GBs. You can store your data which is not required frequently and download it again whenever needed. Just download the app on your phone click on + icon given at bottom right side of page and then Upload Files on Cloud Storage.

Move Data to SD Card

If you smartphone has internet is slow or has monthly downloading CAP then you can buy SD card to store your internal storage data. Many apps such as games and software provide option to move its data to external storage device such as SD card however some developer does not provide this option in the app but majority of app does that so it is a good way to free up space in phone.

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