How To Customize Android Phone Navigation Bar – Solved


Customize Android Navigation Bar:- In android phone navigation bar is given at the bottom side of the phone that is a primary source to exit out of any app at any time. By default navigation control on Android phone is themed as black (background) and white (controls). Users are allowed to change the default theme to any choice of colors, picture or battery bar with the help of application such as Navbar Tools.

Navbar tool is a free application available in the play store that can modify your navigation to any color or picture of your choice. One of the main feature to use the navbar tool is that you do not need to root your phone to customize the navigation bar but you still have to allow permission to access or modify content in your phone. The function in this application is easy to understand and it provides in-depth colors and functions to customize a nav bar. The application is ad supported so you might face ad in the application but those ads are not pop-up so it may not cause any trouble while you browse the application. You need to activate the service before you can make any change in your navigation bar and to do that you need to turn radio button to ON given in the dashboard area. Once you do that you can change the colors of your navigation bar by tapping on any service. If you found any trouble while accessing or running the application just follow the step by step guide given below:-


Customize Android Navigation Bar with Navbar Tool

  1. First Download and Install the Navbar Application from play store.
  2. Once Installed open the application and then turn on the radio button given at top of the page.
  3. Once you tap on that radio button the security feature in your phone pop-up a notification bar regarding Permission Required. To give application permission just tap on the link “GO TO SETTINGS”.
  4. Once you tap on button GO TO SETTINGS you will be taken to ACCESSIBILITY page here you have to locate application NAVBAR Tool and tap on it.
  5. Inside Navbar Tool tap on turn on the radio button titled “USE SERVICE”. Once you allow this permission the application feature will be turned on and you can select the choice of your menu to customize your Navigation.

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