How To Create or Restore Nandroid Backup using TWRP

Nandroid Backup:- Whenever we perform a technical operation on your android smartphone we should always take a backup of our old system files because one mistake could led to failure of the entire system and worst case scenario your smartphone will be stuck on logo forever. So as a victim of this type of case i recommend you guys to take a full back of your smartphone before editing or customize your operating system files.

If you decided to take a backup of your system then you should know which method will work best for your system honestly there are many backup apps that promise to backup your files and they have worked very well in case of file deleted by accident, corrupted or virus attack your system but here we are talking about the bootloader and other operating system files so in order to take perfect backup of your phone i recommended that you use Nandroid Backup and Restore option using custom recovery software TWRP. If you didn’t know how to install TWRP on your phone just follow this full guide on installing custom recovery software.

Creating and Restoring Nandroid Backup

After you have install TWRP app on your smartphone you need to reboot your phone to enter into custom recovery mode and follow the step by step method to create or restore backup.

Create Backup

  1. On Home screen of TWRP tap on option Backup.
  2. On Backup option screen type the name of your back-up file in the name section.
  3. On Select Partition to Backup choose option System, Boot and Data. After that swipe the bar to right to take a backup.

Note: The files and data stored in operating system are large so it may take quite a long time to take a backup of your smartphone. Be noted that your smartphone battery should be at least 50% to start this process.

Restore Backup

  1. On Home screen of TWRP tap on option Restore.
  2. If you take a backup before you will see file name with partition to restore.
  3. Swipe the bar to right and it will restore your stored backup.

For more information on Creating and Restoring Nandroid Backup stay updated to this website.

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