How to Convert System Apps to User Apps – Solved

Convert System Apps to User Apps:- There are two types of apps available on your smartphone which are responsible for any kind of activity on your phone and those apps are system and user app. System apps are the preloaded apps that were installed on your phone at the time of manufacture by the company developers. Some of these apps are sponsored but many of the apps are required to provide users a platform to perform their daily activity like watching time on phone and calculating variety of equation on calculator app. The prime example of these kind of apps are play store, youtube, calculator, watch and location map.

An app that can be installed from play store or any third party app sources is known as User apps. The fun and amazing part of users apps are they can be easily uninstall and re-install whenever need but the same not goes for system apps. System apps are quite bothersome apps and if you are trying to uninstall the app from phone it will not be removed because these apps are protected by system security and you need a advanced software permission to override the setting and remove the apps such things is possible with the help of rooting.

But if we explain more about rooting and its apps or codes to convert system apps to user app then first it will take quite a lot of time to do so and tension will be maintained in user mind like if anything goes wrong with instruction then what will be happened with my smartphone. So rather following a long process of rooting to convert system apps to users apps we will follow a shortcut method in which you will not need rooting to perform the task of converting system apps.

How to Convert System Apps to User Apps

A third party app is what you might need first in order to covert system apps to users apps. There are varieties of apps performing the same task but we were using Link2SD app this time. Make sure you take a back-up of you data before convert your app.

Using Link2SD App

  1. Go to play store and download the app LINK2SD by Bulent Akpinar.
  2. After installing the app on your device open it and scroll down to the app you want to convert into system or users app.
  3. Now tap on the app and on pop-up menu choose SYSTEM APP to USER APP.
  4. When a dialogue box appear tap on OK to convert the app.

There might be a possibility that you will not see the convert option due to the app is not registered as System or User App.

Using ES File explorer App

  1. Go to play store and download the app ES File Explorer.
  2. After installation open the app and click on three straight line given top left side of your app and then click on root explorer to turn it on.
  3. After enabling root option tap on “/” sign to get back to the option device.
  4. On Device tap on folder SYSTEM -> APP and cut the entire app folder you want to change into user app.
  5. Now go back to device and tap on folder DATA -> APP and paste the folder. Congrats your user app is now turned into system app.
  6. To make it much better long press the folder and go to properties. On properties page tap on permission and tick all the option of READ, WRITE and EXECUTE to give permission to everybody to access or change the app settings.

Conclusion: In es file explorer we only cut and paste the user app folder to system app and android now android will recognized it as system app.

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