How to Control Background Process on Android using Servicely


Control Background Process using Servicely:- Background process are harder to control when it’s a bloatwares or an android system app installed by the device manufacturers in order to promote or it’s just a app recommended by the developers. There are literally no options available for you to remove the app unless or untill a new update have been rolled by the device manufacturer but we can’t rely on the update to be released by the developers because it could take month or even years. So the question arise here is how we could change the background process? Let’s be honest at current moment you could not change or control background process but you could change can if you could root your phone and install a certain app named servicely.

I could take you directly to how the process of controlling works but you have to understand what rooting is and how does it works so most of your doubt will be clear right before we begin the process. Root is a process which will remove the security restriction on your phone so that you can install any app on your phone which will directly affects your operating system files and servicely is an app which will affect operating system process or files so it is necessary to root your phone first. Just search your phone in the search section and first root your device. Once your phone is rooted we can begin the process on how we can deal with the background process.


How to Use Servicely App on Android

Servicely is an popular battery saving app specifically designed to control or stop background process in order to save hefty amount of battery life. First root your phone using our root guide and then follow the step by step method given below:-

  1. Install Servicely app from play store and open it.
  2. Once you open the app then it will pop up a message to permission box click on GRANT link to give full access to your device.
  3. Now toggle the switch to right side given at top right side of the page to activate servicely.
  4. Now tap on APP SLEEP tab given at bottom middle section and then grant USAGE ACCESS PERMISSION to servicely.
  5. Now go to App Sleep tab again now you might see installed and running app option.
  6. You would have notice an orange text under the app written as “CAN-WAKE UP THE DEVICE”. Tap on that text and the application will be grey-out which means it is deactivated.

This will stop apps to run on background and whenever you need one of the apps to process again then you can simply enable it.

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