How To Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome For Android Phone


Clear Cache and Browsing Data in Chrome:- Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers for PC as well as the android phone. Chrome is using blink engine which gives him the same amount of performance and functionality like other internet browsers but still, chrome has many unique features that could not be found on any other browser such as Touch to Search and Data Saving Mode. Chrome has a history of not running well on the various mobile phone but the problem was sorted out by the company by permanently placing the software in the Android operating system.

Since then Google Chrome has become the dominant browser among other browsers for android phone. Chrome has undergone various development since then and added many great features which we were still using right now. One of the features of the browser that every chrome user might be looking for is how to clear cache and data stored in the internal memory of an android phone. You don’t need to look for a folder to erase your data and cache stored by chrome because the browser provides you an option to erase the data by tapping on few options but the option so well hidden in the browser that one must need to see a tutorial to figure it out.


If you are searching for this option then I assume that you already know what clear data and cache mean but for users who do not know that cache are the remanent of the website that you browse in the past for example data on the website that stored in your internal memory in the form of pictures, videos, and other files. As you visit more and more website that data become heavy and once that reached its peak your phone is started to lag and create errors. In order to fix the error, you need to clear the cache and data stored in your phone by following the method given below:-

Clear Cache and Data From Chrome Browser on Android Phone

  1. First Open Google Chrome Browser and tap on three dot lines given at the top right side of the page.
  2. Once you click the three dot line a drop-down menu section will appear on that menu tap on option SETTINGS.
  3. On Settings page scroll down section ADVANCED and then tap on option PRIVACY.
  4. In Privacy Page scroll down to option Clear Browsing Data.
  5. On Clear Browsing Data Option you may find three option to clear your data first one is browsing history, second is cookies and sign-in and the third one is clear cache and data we have to select the third option here and tick on clear cache data.
  6. Once you tick on clear data scroll down and tap on CLEAR DATA and the data you have browse using chrome browser will be removed permanently. Make sure to check the time given at the top right side of the page before clearing your data.

For more information on Clear Cache and data on chrome stay updated to this website.


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