How To Check Your Smartphone is Rooted or Not


Check your smartphone is rooted:- Before you proceed to root your smartphone the first thing to check is if the phone is rooted or not. For most of the times it is not essential because by default the option is deactivated but if your smartphone is pre-owned or it was used by other person for long-time then it is required to check your smartphone before rooting. Don’t worry it is not hard to check whether your device is rooted or not just installing a simple and press few button will let you know about rooting condition smartphone.



Check Your Smartphone For Rooting

  1. First off check your mobile phone is rooted or not using Root Checker by joeykrim.
  2. Once installed open the app and click on option Verify Root.
  3. If a green text appeared means your device is root but if red text appeared then you need to root your phone.

Just to be safe you can always cross check the result with other app the second most used app for checking root is Root Checker (Beta).

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