How to Change TWRP Chinese Language to English


Change TWRP Language to English:- Currently there are three custom recovery software available for rooted phone the first one is most used and recommended software is TWRP and continuing on second and third list Philz and CWM. In past ClockworkMod (CWM) are used by users but later the developer’s stops developing the software further but TWRP keeps updated and improving so currently it is the most used software on android phone. With TWRP variety of tasks are now possible such as backing up and restore your entire phone storage data, wipe out your entire data, install custom recovery image files or stock rom, dalvik cache and creating partition in SD card.

Basically TWRP is used to install custom rom on android phone but many user does not know that it is also used to install file which is helpful to root your phone. It is also used to install custom apps which cannot be installed on your smartphone due to restriction by operating system. You must have heard of Chinese phone well these phone does not support most of the google apps which were required by the users who’s residing outside of china. If your phone does manufacturer accidentally or purposely didn’t install the required google apps such as youtube or google music then you can download those app using google GAPPS via TWRP.

If you have ever installed TWRP on one of the Chinese or any other native country language phone then you will notice a change in language when you install the app on phone because by-default the software applies the native language but you can change that language to other by updating some settings in the app. Now how would you do that let see:-


Change TWRP Chinese Language to English

  1. First off root your phone and install TWRP software using flashify.
  2. Now boot your phone in TWRP mode.
  3. Once your phone is booted in recovery choose the 6th big button from dashboard.
  4. Now choose the 5th menu icon from main menu.
  5. Now a list of language option will appeared tap on option English and tap on button visible at the bottom right side of the page and it’s DONE!.


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