How To Change Notification Tone in any Android Phone – Solved


Change Notification Tone:- Tired of hearing same notification tone on your android phone? Well there is a function hidden deep in your settings page which let you change your notification settings.

It may sound strange that less than three seconds of sounds can be annoying for users but that’s a fact many users are removing the notification or at least changing it to something way nicer than it is now. A paraphrase or ringtone are the new sounds that users are applying on notification these days such as “Excuse me boss you have a Message / Notification” or “Please Pickup Your Phone”. If you known audio editing you can cut the sound of any movie dialogue or take music from a game or anime and set it as your notification tone.

At first many users are confused on how they could change their notification settings but android settings because it’s actually like a hidden feature in your phone which possible consume time and it’s hard to focus on small detail on android phone but with the upgraded android software it is now easy to detect and change the sound notification on latest smartphone. If you think that your phone does not offer the right amount of function to change the notification sound then you can try the app Audiko Ringtones and MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers.


How To Change Notification Tone

If you don’t want to use the app to change your smartphone ringtone then just follow the below mentioned way to change notification on your android phone:-

  1. First go to your Settings Page in your Phone and then tap on option Sounds and Notifications or Sound based on various smartphone manufacturer.
  2. On Sounds and Notification Page scroll down and select option Notifications Tone.
  3. Browse through list of tone or preview the tone by pressing on it and once you select your tone just tap on OK. If you want to add more tones then in the list you can browse it and add it in your notification folder by going through explore app named ES FILE EXPLORER.

For more information about changing your Notification Tone stay updated to this website.


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