How To Change Application Name and Icon on Android Phone


Have you grown tired of your young siblings messing-up with your phone application? Do you not want your friends or colleagues to find out what application you are using on your phone? Well if you’re answer is yes then I will help you in assisting how you can change the name and icon of the installed applications in your android phone.

How To Change the Icon and Name of Apps

Presently there is no option available on the internet that allows you to change the name or icon of the original app however you can create a copy of the original app also known as CLONING and then change the cloning app name and icon. Once you changed the named and icon of the cloning application you can remove the original app.

To Clone an Application you will need a third-party application named App Cloner. The recommended app cloner app I am using right now is App Cloner by AppListo.

  • Download the App Cloner app from the website “” and install it on your phone.
  • Once installed open the app and tap on any app from the list to clone.
  • Once you tap on the application a settings page will be opened where you can edit any settings of the applications such as name, icon, etc.
  • To Change the name of the app tap on the Name section and rename the app.
  • Now scroll down and tap on Replace Icon to change the icon of the app. Presently this option is available in Premium Version. You have to purchase Runtime Modding Option which costs $1.59 to change the icon of the app or you can download the modded version from rexdl and other web portals.
  • Once you purchase the feature you can edit the icon picture and once name and icon settings change tap on the clone button to start cloning.
  • Once the cloning part is done remove the original app and enjoy your new app with changed icon and name.

For more information on changing the name/icon of the app stays updated with this website.

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